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Are you looking for a different afternoon drink? an alternative to coffee? We have a great range of Chai Tea’s, Turmeric and Beetroot Latte’s available. 


  • Whether you are looking for a standard hot chocolate, gluten free, or a flavoured hot chocolate.  Visit our store, to see our great range of chocolates.

Sugars & Syrups

We stock raw sugar, white sugar and equal for your coffees. We also have a range of assorted Arkadia Syrups (10 flavours) and Chai Syrups as well. 

Takeaway Cups & Lids

We have a variety of Takeaway Cups and Lids, both branded and unbranded to suit your needs.  We also have Short Black Takeaway Cups and Lids. 

Teas & Pods

Our Pods are Nespresso compatible and come in a 50 pack. Our range of premium teas are available in a resealable packet of 50. 

Milk Jugs & Accessories

Whether you are looking for new jugs , new thermometers or even Milk ID tags for your jugs. We have them!

Barista Accessories

Need some new and updated Barista Accessories? Check ours out. 

Environmentally friendly Options

Everyone wants to help the environment in their own way.  We have a range of environmentally friendly options available. Wooden spoons, stirrers, straws and even reusable coffee cups.

Cleaning Equipment

From machine cleaning equipment and descalers to cleaning brushes and cloth sets. 


Macchiato Glass 90ml – $1.82

Picardie Glass 250ml – $3.52

Arcoroc Glass with Handle – $5.56

Cups & Saucers

Aroma Fresh Short Black Cup – $4.24

Short Black Saucer – $1.71

Aroma Fresh Cappuccino Cup – $6.11

Aroma Fresh Coffee Mug – $6.60

Saucer – $2.53

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