Mega Crem 2 Group

By far the most popular EXPOBAR model, the MEGA CREM is an extremely reliable and stylish espresso machine that rivals its more expensive competitors. User friendly functions include illuminated blue touch pads to control the dose of coffee at the touch of a button. This allows you to dispense the right amount of coffee every time.


  • Two group heads with electronic touch pad and 4 programmable volumetric dosages.
  • A manual group head button on both groups.
  • 11.5L Copper Boiler.
  • 3050 watt element.
  • Automatic boiler filling.
  • Volumetric/Semi-Automatic control.
  • 1 hot water tap.
  • 2 steam taps.
  • Steam pressure gauge.
  • Rotary pump.
  • 15 amp power.
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