Office Barista Minore

Perfect for the home or office, this Expobar Office Machine packs a lot of features into its compact stainless-steel body. This machine is fully self-contained and requires no plumbing in, with its inbuilt water tank and drip tray. A dual boiler system – one boiler is for producing steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water entering the brew boiler. The steam boiler is controlled by an adjustable pressure stat; and the brew boiler is dedicated for maintaining the perfect temp of water for extraction via the group head.


  • One group head with Leva extraction.
  • 2 x1.5L Copper Boiler (dual boiler).
  • 2 x 2000 watt element.
  • PID temperature controller.
  • Automatic boiler filling.
  • Volumetric control.
  • 1 hot water tap.
  • 2 steam taps.
  • Steam pressure gauge.
  • Vibration pump.
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